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Thread: Holding it All Together


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Thread: Holding it All Together

Marsha Cowan

You won’t be surprised to hear that one of our favorite topics is thread: the brand and style we love, how to use it, how to store it, and whether or not it’s worth keeping the snippets you cut off to use in one of those Pinterest projects. Thread is one of the subjects we teach in our machine Mastery classes. Even people who’ve sewn for years learn something new about thread during those discussions.

The threads we’ll cover in this post are the basic, go-to workhorses of the thread family: 50 weight and 60 weight thread. Before we get to the particulars, here are a few basic facts:

  • Threads are labeled by weight, and contrary to what you would think, a 12 weight thread is thicker than a 100 weight thread. Superior Threads has a great article about all this confusing craziness on their website, and you can read it here.
  • Threads come in many different materials, the most common being cotton, polyester, silk, wool, nylon, rayon, linen.
  • Threads should be stored away from direct sunlight, preferably in a container were they  will not get dusty or dirty. Dust on your thread ends up in your machine and on your project when you sew. Those racks with spindles that store thread on the wall look fun and decorative, but they aren’t good for your thread.
  • You inherited some thread from your grandma, mom, or aunt. Look at the cool wooden spools–you never see those anymore! Old thread like this can go on display on that cute rack with the spindles. And stay there. Sewing with it, on the other hand, might not be so rewarding. As thread ages it breaks down, resulting in lint and breakages. Plus, unless you know how the thread’s been stored, you have the same potential dust and dirt problem as above.
 50 Weight Thread

50 Weight Thread

50 weight thread is the one we reach for most often, whether in 3-ply or 2-ply.  We use it for piecing, garment sewing, and home dec projects, both in the needle and as a bobbin thread. The brands we carry are Mettler, Presencia, and Aurifil. People are always curious if we love one the best, but we really do love them all! As you sew with each brand, you may find that the combination of your particular machine and your style of sewing makes one stand out for you as a favorite. That’s okay. We won’t tell the others.

 60 Weight Thread

60 Weight Thread


60 weight thread is finer than 50 weight, and is also lovely for piecing, quilting, garment sewing, applique work, and bobbin thread. Jill loves 60 weight for piecing, as she feels the finer thread lies flatter and ‘disappears’ into your seam when pressed, helping you to achieve greater accuracy when putting blocks together. 60 weight threads we carry in the store include Presencia, Bottom Line by Superior Threads.

For  more information about the thread I’ve mentioned here, and lots of great stuff about thread in general, please pay a visit to these websites:

Aurifil Thread

Presencia Thread

Mettler Thread

As always,

Happy Stitching!