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What? Has it Been a Year Already?


Tips, Ideas, Patterns, and more by the crew at Bernina Sewing & Design


What? Has it Been a Year Already?

Marsha Cowan

On March 31, 2016, we launched our Block of the Month series with the Ohio Star block (shown in photo above), and we've never looked back! Marsha had lots of fun choosing fabrics for each month's block, and honed her pattern-making skills in creating step-by-step instructions. Carla enjoyed researching the history of each block, and discovering some great quilting history websites. What we really hope, though, is that you enjoyed taking this journey with us, whether you're a brand-new quilter still mastering your 1/4" seam, or an experienced creator who's made dozens of quilts.

What has thrilled us more than anything is hearing from readers who've made the featured blocks! We love it! We'd love to hear from anyone who's made a block, and pics are a plus. We hope to have a show and tell day, here on the blog and in the store, to see your finished blocks, and share them with everyone!

Next week, we'll be featuring our final block in this series. After that, Marsha has some great suggestions for assembling these blocks into a quilt, or using single blocks in some neat projects.

After this BOM series is done, we'll break for a couple of months (so you can finish those blocks!) before we introduce our next series, where Marsha plans to feature blocks with more advanced techniques and design challenges.

For today, here are links to all the blocks we've done this last year. Next week, our final block!

Just click any of the blocks to jump to the post about it.

We'll see you next time, with our 12th and final block. Until then,

Happy Stitching!